Saturday, February 2, 2008

Journaling, Journaling, Journaling....

My girlfriend Rhossana leant me a book called "The Heart of the Artist" by Rory Noland, and I am so enjoying it. I have been praying that God would show me a way to use my art for Him... for His good and perfect purposes. I don't want to create art just for the sake of creating it... I want to touch people's lives. I want people to look at my art and see God, or see how God has touched my life. He has helped me through so many trials that I want to give back to Him through my art. Maybe my art can minister to a lost soul. God is so good.

My "Heart of the Artist" page is filled with yummy tidbits of information and questions and answers of things that were brought up in the book. Artists have always struggled because artists view, and feel and take things in differently than non-artists. We feel deeply.

Interesting fact: In the middle ages "artists" with the Melancholy Temperment were seen as in-sane and most were placed in sanitariums. Having an "artist temperment" was seen as a physical disorder. Then during the Renaissance era artist's made a comeback (so to speak) and they were seen as having a divine gift.

My other journal page was made with my Tim Holtz Distress Inks layered in the background. I used one of my Dalia flowers and the circles are the leftovers after I cut out my circles for the flower. The verse "To Live is Christ, to die is gain" is from Philippians 1:22. Paul was speaking of his life when he was imprisoned for preaching the life of Jesus. His meaning was that if he lives his entire life being is Christ, to die would mean that he would be with Christ, so either way his life was devoted to Christ. I love this verse, it is so powerful... it is how I desire to live. I often find myself falling short though. I serve a forgiving God though, one full of mercy and grace. When I fall He lifts me back up again and brings me back to Him. This is the God I serve.

Happy Creating Everyone!

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