Monday, February 18, 2008

Another New Look

I know... I am playing around too much with the look of my blog. However I must say that I am learning a lot! I have not liked the banners that I have made previously, they just didn't 'do-it' for me. So... I sat down and got out my pen-tablet and opened up my Adobe Photoshop and I was determined to create a look I liked. This was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. I first chose the size 12"x3" so that it would go across the top of my blog. Then I chose the color and filled it in with the salmon pink. I needed some sort of "effect" to the pink background, I couldn't just leave it plain. So I chose "Render" and "Lens" and this gave me a brightening as though from a flash of a 35mm camera. I then proceeded to draw the image of the flowers with my pen tablet. (These are wonderful to use if you want to create your own images, I use a 4x5 Wacom Pen Tablet and find that it is all the work space I need for my projects). For drawing the flowers I zoomed in to ensure the drawing was properly filled in. I then chose the font of the text and the size of 36 for the Kelly's Art Journaling, and then 18 for the other text at the right hand side. I then saved it as a picture for the web and then added it as the header of my blog by choosing to "add" a picture from my computer.
I am pleased for now with the look. I also chose a different template for my blog because I was sick of the green and I really like the black. Let me know what you think if you get a chance.
Happy Creating Everyone!


Nancy said...

It looks great Kelly!!!

I love to change up my blog from time to time too.... just don't have the ability to do a great header like you!

Carolyn King said...

I think it is beautiful--love the colors and i am very impressed. Great job---It is very spiritual and just perfect!

Michelle said...

Your header looks great. I created mine using Photoshop elements. I find digital freebies and the background is usually a paper, then add embelishments, then of course the font foro the writing. It takes alot of practice and layering :)

Margaret said...

really nice banner; love the color and doodling

Anonymous said...

I haven't been by your page in quite a while. Stopped by today and was really surprised. Nice job lady!! Wow, you have been working...

Hope all is well.