Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Peach Pie

What better way to spend a Sunday night than making 'Peach Pie'. My hubby and oldest son went to the store to get the items they needed to make 'Apple Pie', but came home with the makings of 'White Peach' Pie. White peaches are not as sweet as orange peaches, they are not bitter either. They are perfect for pie I think because I don't like things too too sweet. My hubby and son are the best pie makers - I haven't even attempted making pie because they are so good I don't have to LOL! I think Josh is going to grow up to become a chef or a baker (or candle stick maker!)... because he loves baking and cooking. I don't know where he got it from because I don't think he got it from me. I love cooking when I have time to do so, but when kids are in activities, and school starts and all the Bible studies begin at Church... I rarely have time to spend slaving over a stove. Lately I must admit that we have been to M&M Meatshops and bought things of pre-made/pre-cooked hamburgers etc., Who has time to cook these days? Well, I should as I do stay home and am not working but... well anyway! Excuses, excuses! lol.
Next time you attempt to make a peach pie, try using white peaches and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Happy Creating !


Lauren said...

I've never had peach pie. It sounds so yummy! Please post the delish recipe (that is, if it's not a family guarded secret - hehe).

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

It's not a family guarded secret... It's the 'Crisco' pastry crust recipe... never fails. I will send you the recipe as soon as I get a chance.