Friday, October 26, 2007

Long Thin Cards For Christmas

My girlfriend Nancy from "Nancy's Creative Mess" made one of these long cards and I really liked it. You can see hers on one of her older posts just look at my Cool Links. So... I decided to try and make some of these myself and the above cards are what I turned up with. I really like the tree one. I had a strip leftover of the scrapbook paper and I didn't want to throw it out. If fit perfectly with this card. The snowflake on the Merry Christmas turned out perfect because I had some left over brads that I have rarely used and they worked great (I wouldn't have thought to use those colors for a snowflake but it makes it unique). I also got to use my "Stampin-up" "Shapes and Shadows" set that I haven't used in a long time for the tree. I like these cards but unfortunately you can only make one card instead of two out of 1 piece of cardstock! That is the only downside to these cards. They are rather beautiful though, and original I think.
Happy Creating Lovelies!

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Kathy W said...

I really like both of these long cards. Nice layout on the top card with the rounded part of the DP. Thanks for sharing.