Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kid's Ministry Kids Help Make Cards

Yesterday was a busy house indeed... four kids from Kid's Ministry at the Garden (My Church) and two Sunday School teachers came over to help make Christmas cards for the fundraiser this year. I found it a time of growth and "letting-go" for me as I sat back and watched the kid's 'go-to-it' with all my stamps, papers and supplies. (As a stamper/cardmaker/scrapbooker/artist you may begin to know what I mean) At first it was difficult for me to breathe because I am a little bit (49% according to the below test) perfectionist - LOL! After awhile though it was an awesome experience seeing the creativity in the room blossom, the cheery faces singing with the Christmas carols playing in the background and everyone working together to pull this fundraiser off.
Little 7 year old Haleem made the middle card in this posting. If she can make something so beautifully creative at 7, imagine what she will create during the rest of her life.
10 year old Maikaila made the card on the top of this post. She is very creative as well and loves crafting with me. They all had a wonderful time... Anna, Anejka, Haleem, Maikaila, Nicole, Rachel and myself. I wasn't feeling too well during the proceedings so I actually got to sit back and enjoy the creativity flowing around me.
Well, I hope you enjoy seeing these lovely creations.
Happy Creating everyone!

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