Friday, October 12, 2007

Cuddle Bugged

I purchased a new Cuddle Bug Embossing Folder "Circles" a few weeks back and it has sat in my desk unopened. Today I opened it! Yippee for me! My friend Nancy has this folder and I have seen it on other cards before but I hummed and hawed at getting it for a long time. Now that I have used it I am glad I bought it! All the embossed images from the "Cuddle Bug" (Provo Craft) add dimension to my cards though this is one of my favorites. Today I played with it in two ways... as a background and in a layered crop. I like both.
I started working one day per week so guess what???? I have a little bit of spending money! Woohoo! I went to Michael's and stocked up on some of my supplies because they were getting pretty low... well... okay... let's just say I needed a few supplies... and if some other things jumped into my basket well... I can't be held responsible for such things! LOL.
One of the items that I found was the lovely little pregnant lady as seen on three of the above cards. How much was this lady???? $1.50. YUP $1.50. I know what you're thinking... well that's great but what would you use a pregnant lady for??? Am I right? Well, the thought crossed my mind that I happen to know four ladies that are having babies this coming year and wouldn't it be nice to send them a note to let them know that I'm thinking about them??? For $1.50 I'm willing to pay to give them a little bit of a smile as they (suffer)... oops... did I say that??? I mean... as they enjoy their experience. Hee-hee. Plus... (my brain continued thinking) these ladies are all going to need showers right? What if I made their shower cards??? Now I'm really thinking, and 'YES' it hurts! So... the wheels are turning and I am all set up for the future of babies and for a small purchase of $1.50 at Michael's! It pays to think ahead!
The flowers you see on all the above cards were made with my new 'Flower Punch'. It is a Martha Stewart Design. I love the unique shape of this punch, all my other flower punches have curved ends... they feel monotonous to use... this one adds flair! I love it! It was only $16.99. Good price too!
I'm having fun!
Happy Creating!


MsLovely101 said...

very nice. i love to write in pretty journals. I think that is the best thing...and durability.

Karen Gladney said...

Great variations Kelly. That is a great background for most cards.


Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

mslovely101... thank you for your comments.

Karen; thanks for your comments too... I am really loving that background. I've been following your site too... great job!