Friday, June 26, 2009

Healing Art: Prompt 15 ~ Physical Pain

This next prompt I am not going to post a journal page of mine as I really want you to examine yourself within and go from what you are feeling to create your own page.


Emotional pain often manifests itself in our bodies physically. Stress seems to trigger aches and pains of various varieties. I learned this as I went through therapy for my post-partum depression. I have always had pain in my body and I never understood it but God has given me a peace to cope with the pain.

As you think about your life and the stresses that you have faced think about the physical pain you have endured. Do you think they might be related to one another? Ask God to reveal to you the reasons behind your pain. Ask Him to give you a way to deal with your pain. Maybe it is in a creative outlet way ~ possibly you can channel your pain into art work, art journaling. Place your pain onto the page and allow yourself to let go of the hold it has upon you.

I pray that the Lord will reveal these things to you. As they are revealed may He give you a sense of peace in regards to your pain. May you have a creative outlet to channel your pain to.

Bless you.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Kelly for visiting and commenting on my blog. I left you a comment there :-)

Spirituality and art seem to work together (not always religion, mind you!)