Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Artist's Way - My Enemies of Creative Self-Worth

Well I received my order of The Artist Way by Julia Cameron and began reading it right away. I was so excited to get it and dig in! I am glad that I did! After only the introduction and beginning chapter my creativity is soaring. I am completely absorbed because not only is Julia's information amazingly helpful, but it has so far proven to work really well. In her lessons she states that we write three pages first thing in the morning. I have found this exercise to flow easily out of me because it is nothing planned or structured ~ it's basically venting in its rawest form! I am a huge fan of venting, though I have never done this first thing in the morning. It makes so much sense! It free's our mind allowing our creativity to flow like clockwork. I have come up with some exciting ideas after writing my morning pages. I highly recommend this book so far, and I am certain to discover even more juicy exercises to come.

In the first chapter she discusses how many of us 'artists' were not nurtured as artists when we were young and hence have enemies of our creative self-worth. Basically there are individual's in our lives that possibly hindered our creative baby artist's. She suggested we draw pictures of those people and express our feelings in those regards. I had a lot of fun with this as I drew my characatures of three such individual's in my life. In doing this I discovered just how silly my emotions and reactions to these people were. It was my reaction to them that hindered my creativity and I know this now. Now my baby artist can grow up! I highly recommend this book!

Happy creating everyone!



Vickie A-Morgan said...

Kelly, your journal pages are so inspiring and encouraging. Keep on making more pages so I can look at them. :)
Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love getting comments, lets me know someone noticed my efforts.

Creative Mish said...

I love your friendship page! It turned out great. Al your questions to think about.