Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Healing Art: Prompt 13: The Power of Music

Music has been such an inspiration to me all of my life. Coming from a family of Country Western singers I have always been around music. However, Country Music in particular has always made me car sick! (no offense to those who love it! LOL) Musicians are true artists with a gift that I have always longed to have yet know I will never have! I was gifted more with being a visual artist rather than projecting any sounds that inspire anyone ~ again lol.

I listened to my radio throughout my teens and cried through numerous break-up songs everytime I went through a break-up. (Why do we torture ourselves like that???) During my depression music was particularily helpful to me in bringing me to a place in my head that did not focus on the darkness but more so on the act of surrounding myself with goodness. I had the radio on a praise station every waking moment and the lyrics washed over me and kept me close to God even while I was so far away. It was my saving grace and God worked through it to shelter me in the comfort of His wings.

Even when all I could do was lay still I would hear the lyrics and I could somehow worship God if only through tears. I knew that God saw my tears and that was good enough for me. It filled me with hope that reached through the darkness. When I look back on those days I knew there were times when I thought the seemingly endless days would never end ~ now I see the beautiful miracle of music enveloping me, protecting me.


I encourage you to sit and listen to some of your favorite music. Record how it makes you feel, does it bring to mind any colors or images? See if you can capture those feelings onto paper. As I was doing this journal page I was listening to my music on 'shuffle' and was impressed by numerous songs that made me feel lifted up, like I was on a cloud light as a feather. I felt so unhindered and creative as I sat in the sunshine hearing my beautiful music. Music is one thing also that brings me so close to God helping me to worship in ways that I cannot without it.
Ask God to bring you to that place of worship as you hear your music, as you create your page. Let the music carry you to your creativity.

God bless you.



Ophelia said...

Found your blog today and love your journal pages...great work and very inspiring.
Also, love your Artist Day!!

Vickie A-Morgan said...

Kelly, being a musician this one really speaks to me. I am so inspired each time I look at your pages. Thanks for sharing them.

Creative Mish said...

I love music. I listen to Air1 all day and I love it!