Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Healing Art: Prompt 11 ~ Our Complex Hearts


I am going to write out here exactly what is on the journal page shown where I wrote a poem called 'Our Complex Hearts' because there is really nothing else to say other than what God showed me.
All my life I have been told to rely on my heart ~ 'what does your heart say?' ~ Follow your heart... God has recently shed some light onto this concept. The 'world' says to follow your heart but GOD says 'FOLLOW ME'. Our hearts are filled with emotions that often distort the truth and lead us in the wrong direction. God wants to give us all the desires of our heart ~ especially when our hearts are set on Jesus!


Complex heart... filled with life...
so depleting... yet giving.
As blood rushes through its chambers
so too our emotions and moods rush
fleetingly pushing untruth to the surface,
tangled through the chambers of our hearts.
Anguish and tears grieving,
withering like grass bringing heartache.
Shaping our days by our emotions... by our moods.
How complex is the heart...
sweet tender love feeding our feelings
bringing warmth...
heart wrenching pain darkening our moods confusing.
Oh sweet Jesus hold us up into Your loving embrace...
give us that measure of detachment to know our hearts...
the way You know them.
We long to be steadfast trusting in You,
blameless and unable to be led astray,
with cheerful hearts noble and good
knowing our Great Shepherd.
Let us not be ruled by our emotions.
Instead... let us hear Your voice calling in the night...
Your gentle Spirits touch upon our shoulders
guiding us to the light.
Over rule the darkness of our moods
helping us to truly know You have overcome the world.

Kelly L. Watts

For this prompt pray that the Lord reveals the truth of what you have believed in your heart and in regards to every aspect of your life. The world tries to lead us one way though God wants to lead us directly to Himself. Ask Him to show you the areas in your life where you have been led astray by your emotions or moods, how you possibly could be compromising your life in any way because your emotions have told you it's okay to. Draw/write what you think your heart looks like... is it a heart ruled by emotions and moods or is it a heart ruled by love... by Jesus. Allow yourself to meditate on this for awhile until images or words begin to flow.

I pray that you know the truth of where God wants to lead you. May your creativity flow and bring freedom from your distorted murky emotions allowing you be able to experience true joy and love through healthy renewed emotions.
Bless you.

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