Friday, April 3, 2009

Creative and Positive Energy Journal Page

My journal pages lately have really lacked color. So... I started and finished this journal page full of color and 'Creative and Positive Energy'. I got the saying from a Graffiti book of my son's and have been learning to draw letters 'graffiti' style. I think it's very important to include positive journal entries that are full of color. With 6 months and going... snowy cold weather here in Calgary... it has been really difficult to stay positive with uplifting messages. I have been so depressed because of this weather ~ I have purchased a number of 'journaling' books over the winter searching for any and all inspiration I can get. It hasn't really worked until this page. I am pleased by the outcome, it makes me smile and that means that I have succeeded.
My girlfriend Nancy sent me a wonderful full-of-color blog link the other day and I want to pass on this link to you. www.ilikemarkers.blogspot.com On this site you will find some amazing Copic Marker tips and demonstrations. If you love copics, this is the site you need to visit!
Well, Happy Friday everyone! Happy Creating!

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Creative Mish said...

Nice page! It has been a long winter. It snowed here today! so unusual!