Monday, April 13, 2009

Just Had To Journal Entry Today

Is today Monday? I hadn't noticed! Ya right! First I continued to forget things from upstairs to bring downstairs to get ready to leave for work, then I couldn't find my shoes, then when I got to work I realized I hadn't brought my glasses for the computer (glare protection for headaches)... IT IS DEFINITELY MONDAY!!!! LOL. I can laugh now that it's almost over. I was consistent today in that my frustration just grew and grew. I think I am stressed inside because my (12 year old) baby is off to "Outdoor School" for the first time tomorrow for three days. We have never let him go on his own before, we have always gone as counsellors during the summers. It was really hard to hold back on the "Mommying" - my hubby wouldn't even let me pack up his stuff because I was going overboard with things I thought he might need to take. I just want him to be prepared "in-case" any scenario may arise where he is trapped for a month inside of a cave without any way of warmth or food! What's wrong with that? I am supposed to be okay with just letting him go without even looking in his bag??? Yikes - I think I may need to take a sleeping pill tonight! I obviously didn't read the Mummy Manual chapter on "Letting Them Grow Up"!

Okay... so the above is the reason for my journal entry today. I needed to do something with my hands and I wanted it to look pretty so not to be just a negative venting page. I used a blank white sheet of drawing paper. Spritzed it with different colors of glitter mist by Adirondak. Used my new brayer to roll out some of the spray in different directions. Dropped drops of alcohol ink (Tim Holtz) and brayed again though it didn't spread but more soaked into the paper. I layered three different colored sheets of scrap paper. Then I cut out a flower from another sheet of paper and used mounting squares to raise the surfaces. I then used my new Chalk writer to outline the drops of alcohol ink in white. I used self leveling gel to create a glossy texture over top of the flowers at the bottom. The button on the lower right corner of the page I found on the road the other day. I have discovered that I am a 'packrat' like my Dad and tend to pick up things off the ground that I can use in my journals. This button worked perfectly as I colored it with my copic marker to the same color I used to journal with. Even though this page is actually a "venting" page ~ it doesn't feel like one because I have 'prettied' it up a bit with all the creative tid bits!
I hope you like it!
Happy Creating Everyone!

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