Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Second Trip to Arizona - Arizona Diamondbacks Game

This is my second trip to Arizona with only a month in between visits. The weather continues to be horrid winter snow back home so I am thankful for this blessing of being able to show my hubby and boys Arizona. The weather has been awesome for me ~ not so awesome for hubby as he is broken out in thick hives all over the front of his upper body from the heat/sun. I didn't think of his allergic reaction to the sun when I booked the flights (it completely slipped my mind), all I was thinking is that I really need to get out of all this winter as over six months of it was driving me insane. I feel like such a heel that hubby is all broken out but he is being really good about it and is quite the trooper.
So far this trip we have had a blast at the mall going to a huge arcade and playing games one afternoon where the boys both earned awesome prizes from their tickets; we have had a great time in the pool here at the condo; went to a fabulous restaurant called Camajones with incredible decor from horses (literally) hanging from the ceiling to beautiful art work that I couldn't even explain if I wanted to. A definite must if you ever go to Scottsdale. We have taken some scenic drives up near the mountains and went for a walk in the desert at Lost Dog Trails and saw the most amazing mexican style mansions.
Randy's sister Pat and her daughter Veronica came for dinner lastnight and we all went for a lovely 'old style mexican' meal. The boys chatted them up throughout the meal all the way to dessert! It was so wonderful to see them as it has been a few years now. Pat has been so wonderful with allowing us to stay in the condo and the amazing Diamondback seats that were directly behind the batting mound (?), with access to a private lounge, bathrooms and valet parking! We have never experienced these things before!
I am still taking in all the beautiful mexican architecture and design around me wherever we go ~ I think I appreciate it much more than my hubby or the boys. lol. I don't get to hear all the spanish music and such because they don't like listening to music that they can't understand - LOL. I think next time I come it will be with a girlfriend of mine like the first trip. It's still such an amazing place to visit and we have all really enjoyed ourselves.
Happy creating!

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Creative Mish said...

It looks like you had alot of fun in Arizona. Your Son looks so much like you! He's so cute!