Saturday, April 18, 2009

Laughter Journal Entry

I have been trying really hard to be less stressed lately... so... I have found myself turning to my art journaling more. I don't really know why I have been stressed out I mean I am off on vacation in a few days to Arizona ~ my most recent favorite place in the world!... so what's all the stress about? It's really silly because I should be relying on God to help take my stress away right? Oy vay! I hate it (but love it) when I learn from myself what I should be doing! lol.

So... the journal entries... a flyer came in the mail with all these movie titles in it and I decided to cut them all out (my favorite ones) and arrange them on a journal page. My original intent was to show how much I love movies and I was going to glue all my movie ticket stubs on the page, but now I can't find them so I was only able to put the last movie I saw on the page~ Fast and Furious - awesome movie!

The next page I posted was one that I had done a few months back but just now found it in my journaling supplies. I guess I was in a black/white mood as I tended to be a few months ago. I also think I was feeling in a feminine mood as well wanting to portray the beauty of being feminine. Sometimes I will just start drawing and not know what it is that I am feeling until I am finished the page. That is a great feeling ~ finishing a page, looking back on it and then realizing the mood I was in.

The third post is one I finished today. LAUGHTER ~ what a great blessing laughter is. In fact I wish I could laugh right now and relieve some pent up stress! Quick someone call me and make me laugh will you??? lol. There's a "cyber-laugh" ~ not quite as relieving as the real thing though! If you enlarge the picture by double-clicking on it you can read why I chose to write on laughter.

Enjoy and Happy Creating ~ don't forget to leave your comment. Cheers.


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marieJ said...

Love all of the pages especially black-and-white...So many emotions
in that one...what's on her mind?what troubles her?