Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is Not Goodbye... But I will see you in awhile...

It was just before Expo 1986 when I went over to my Uncle Carl and Auntie Ruby's home for the first time. They had a beautiful flower garden and a small bungalo home. To me it was lovely. I would have been 15 years old. My Uncle Carl set out some cookies and Tea for my Auntie Ruby and myself to have while we had a very grown up chat. This memory sticks out so strongly in my mind because I remember feeling appreciated and special and loved even though I didn't really know them too well. A few weeks later she asked me to go with her to Expo'86. This was a huge responsibility as my Auntie Ruby was in a wheel chair and I was going to take care of her for the whole day. I remember being so much in love with my Auntie Ruby. She was so sweet and gentle and loving ~ most of all she knew the gentle grace of God and filled me with so much wisdom that day. I would never have gotten to go to Expo without going with her and I thoroughly enjoyed it (I can honestly say I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much had I not gone with her). There was one exhibit on religions and I remember us both being really excited to go see it ~ we were not disappointed as it was exquisite. That day will be with me always and I will appreciate Carl and Ruby for their generousity, grace and love forever.
So my sweet Auntie Ruby, 'thank you so much for all the stamps in my Expo'86 passport', thank you for showing the 'Love of God to me' and for treating me so special. This is not goodbye, but I will see you in awhile. I love you.