Sunday, April 12, 2009

Living Hands Journal Entry

Hands... ahhhhhh... I love drawing hands. They are capable of so much. We feel texture, love, warmth, emotion and so much more with our hands giving and receiving. When I first began art journaling my girlfriend Alice showed me the idea of drawing an outline of your hand and then filling it in with all sorts of things about yourself. My first entry (which you can view at the beginning of this blog site) showed the outline of my hand and I filled it in with pictures of myself as a young adult. Then I filled the page in around it explaining how God had taken me through the journey of discovering how "Vain" I was as a young adult. All my focus at that time was on my 'outer shell' and perfecting it! I used to take five hours to get ready at times! How ridiculous is that? Now I have to snicker because if I try hard I can get ready in 10 minutes now! That page was a healing process and I find that many pages I do are used for that purpose. My art journaling has been a HUGE journey to healing for me. Even looking at this current page and comparing it to my "Vanity" page in the beginning I have realized how much I have grown as a person, as a child of God, as a mother and wife.
I have journaled since I was nine years old and I found that looking back at those journals was very painful because there were many negative, traumatic events in my past that I had recorded in these journals. It was too difficult to read through them, so... in my healing process I made the choice to get rid of them. From that moment on I chose to only do "healing" journal's that showed my journey to healing with the Lord's help. Even if some pages I do are negative they are still useful to me as my journey continues, it helps me to let go of things that have binded me up.
Well, I hope you enjoy this entry. God bless and happy creating.


Creative Mish said...

Its all art and doesn't have to all be positive stuff... We have to get through the rough times to become better! I love your living hands page. Its beautiful!

By the way.... I create my own blog headers. I use photoshop elements and digital scrapbook elements.

NinaB said...

That's an amazing collage art. beautiful!