Friday, November 30, 2007

Nativity and 'Politically Correct' Cards

I really love my new Nativity stamp set from Stampin up. I have made a number of different cards with it already this year and have loved everyone of them. Now that I have my Nestabilities (as well as understand the 'concept' of Nesting - duh!) I am using them with all sorts of colors and layers. I have found that they add so much depth to an otherwise plain card. I am still making my way through some of my Christmas scrap paper that I purchased this year, so I have had a lot of fun piecing different schemes together.

Ah... I love the Christmas tree on this next card. I borrowed it while playing at my girlfriend Nancy's house one day and I still have yet to use all the images I stamped with it. It reminds me of a 'fuller' version of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. While she and I went shopping that day we ran into this series of stamps at Paper Pastimes - apparently the company that made this stamp put's out a new line of stamps at Christmas and have special discounts on specific sets and with each purchase they provide you with pictures of sample cards that have been made with them. The name is on the tip of my tongue... nope... it's gone. Hop on by Nancy's blog (Nancy's Creative Mess in my 'cool links') as she is really good at remembering names and I am certain she has posted the name of the company that made this stamp on her blog. I have a fellow at Church that wanted me to make a plain Christmas card with no sayings in it so not to offend anyone. I do not wish to offend anyone either. I like the simplicity of this card though I would love to put a 'Merry Christmas' or 'Christmas Blessings' on it of some sort.
Well, thanks again for stopping by.
Happy creating everyone!

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Lauren said...

It does remind of Charlie Brown's tree. Great way to use scrap paper!