Monday, November 19, 2007

Cool New Tatt's

My son Joshua came home from school with a tattoo on his arm (temporary of coarse), the artist in me sprung to the surface the second I saw it! I thought it was the coolest image and I wanted to do one right away. What it is, is this...
1. You draw your name in capital letters JOSHUA (eg)with all letters touching each other.
2. Next write the name again but going backwards from right to left over top of the front way.
3. Then you draw a line through the middle, and then an X through the entire image like you are crossing it out.
4. Now you go outline the outside of the image with a black marker (washable ofcoarse)and then outline the inside white marks to achieve the finished look.

Pretty cool huh? I loved them. I now have three; one I did of my name, one Josh did on my right arm that say's "Daddy's Girl" (?), and then Ben drew "I Love You" on my left arm. Basically my whole family is covered in tattoos! How fun is that? Give it a try, I'm sure you will have lot's of fun!
Happy creating!


Lauren said...

Kelly -
I almost fell over until I read that they weren't real!
Very cool for the boys.

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

That's funny that you thought they were real. Ya... the second my son comes home from school with a real tattoo is going to be a very unhappy time for him! LOL
I'm okay with these ones though. Hee-hee