Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Cards and Feeling Better!

I haven't posted in a bit because I have bronchitis, so now I am able to post a few cards that I was able to work on while my boys and husband were at Fall Retreat with our Church. I know I really should have been resting, but when I am faced with a hugely quiet house, I cannot just rest in bed! I must do something... so I crafted and watched "Gilmore Girls Season 6" that I rented from Blockbuster (Not all of it of coarse, just two discs worth)! As I was resting I was able to read a new magazine I bought (Holiday Cards, Paper crafts) and I fell in love with a card by Lisa Johnson (Manger Scene). I have wanted to try this card out for a long time (as I have been sick for over a month!).
So... here is my rendition of (Manger Scene). I used last year's leftover scrap paper for the background. The stamp I used was from TAC - The Angel Company. I stamped it three times - first on ivory paper, then on brown paper, then on yellow paper and cut and pasted as needed for the layers. This was not too hard to do for me as I did it while laying in bed (more like sitting up) and needed something to do with my hands anyway. I love little details and getting my hands right into the projects I am working on. For some, they might find this a tedious task. At the top I punched out a circle and stamped a star, using the edge of (more mustard stamp spot from Stampin up) I just put a light mustard edge to the circle and lines coming from the star. I layered this on top of a (more mustard) cardstock triangle - representing the light shining down on the baby Jesus. The rest was just layering and embellishing. I like the cards to which I added some provo craft flowers, however it was not feasible to add this to each card as I did not have enough flowers and they would have been too expensive.
Happy Creating Everyone!

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