Friday, November 16, 2007

Newest Bellas

I haven't been producing too many cards lately... however I managed to make a few Bella's this week. "Merry Bella", "Gift-a-bella", and "Sista-bellas". I can't get enough "Bella" stamps - they are unique and fun. I love that I can stamp the image on scrap paper and cut out an outfit for the ladies. My girlfriend Nancy dropped off my 'Nestabilities' order of die cuts, and I was able to use the scalloped small circle die cuts for two of the Bella cards. What a great technique this is. Before they came along all I had was boring circles, now I have scalloped edges. I wish I would have purchased more though! I have been viewing many different cards using all sorts of 'Nestability' shapes and wished that I had them too! You can't get them all though! I love Christmas! I just don't like being sick during this season as I can't make and create all the cards I have wanted to - being in bed kind of limits one's crafting abilities.
Hopefully I am on the right medicine (after going on 6 weeks of Chronic Bronchitus) and I will be able to dig right in where I left off before I got sick. I finally figured out how to use my Flovent Disc (it's not just an easy inhaler these days - LOL), so at least it should be getting into my lungs the way it is supposed to.
Well happy creating! Enjoy these Bella's as I enjoyed making them!

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