Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My 2nd 3D Garden For My New Bathroom

I am finished with the pictures for the bathroom. I created a 2nd paper Quill with a darker orange flower to accent the walls. We are going rather bold in our colors as we renovate our home. Oranges/Camels and Rusts. I am certain it will look absolutely stunning when we are finished. Right now, being in the middle of things is a little difficult to live with but we are very blessed to be able to take on this project and do it ourselves. The second picture is of my hubby painting the front closet. He wasn't happy I was taking pictures. Funny guss.
We have chosen rich colors to blend in with the warmth of our home. We are making our home so that we can fellowship with others and be good hosts to all. I will be (hopefully) painting some paintings for our dining room but am a little frustrated as I work with the more expensive acrylic paints than I am used to. I am going from kids murals to actual paintings so it is a difficult process. I might just need a lesson or two in acrylic paints. Oy vay. Well, happy creating!

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