Monday, June 18, 2007

Creating Artistic Photography

The other day my oldest son and I were playing around with my digital camera and taking pictures of our eyes (because we have the same eyes). My son didn't believe that we have the same eyes so I needed to prove myself... let me explain further. When I was born I had blue eyes, okay same as Josh... however when I started into my teen years they began to change color eventually changing to all green by the time I was 17. Josh's eyes are in the process of changing and he has one greenish blue eye and one almost all green. He believes they are going to stay like that. Okay... now I have proof. After gathering up this proof I went further... I took pictures of my youngest son and of my husband, their eyes are very similar as well. I found this to be not only an experiment to prove how right I was (lol), but I began to put an artistic photogpragh together. I put them all into my Adobe photoshop and put them on the same page (for some reason the file is too large to actually show you)(so you have only the cropped shots). If you use your imagination you can line them up and see what I am doing. I am going to frame it and put it on our wall as "The Watts Family Eyes". It was such a cool experiment. I love how we can see ourselves in our children. I don't know how anyone cannot acknowledge God when you can so clearly see Him in our children and in all creation. He is so amazing. Well that's my bit for today... maybe you can give it a try. Need instructions? Just contact me at my e-mail address or leave a comment here and I will put them on here. ksun_1999@yahoo.com Happy creating!

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