Friday, June 22, 2007

Making Mosaics With my Boys

The other night I was sitting at my desk finishing some details on an art piece when you youngest son came up to me and said, "Mama, I want to do something with you?" He had this mischievious look on his face and I asked, "What is it that you want to do with me baby?" (Please don't mention to anyone that my ten year old still calls me Mama - he would hate it and would stop calling me that and then I would have to kill you! lol.) Anywho... He opened up his hands and had four shiny coloured rocks - one clear, one blue, one red, and one brown. He has made a game out of his little collection sort of like rock, paper, scissors. Each rock is either water, air, fire or earth and one more powerful than the other. He has an incredible imagination. However, I didn't feel like playing that game again... so instead I took out my bag of tiny pebbles that I had just purchased from Michael's (two bags actually). I was going to use them to make a pebble mosaic for our house... however, I found a much better use for them; quality time with my sons. Ben and I started sorting the pebbles into colours and before we knew it Josh started in on the sorting. After all that was done, we all began to make little mosaics on the floor. Josh wanted to keep his so he asked his dad to cut him a board to fit his mosaic on and Randy (my hubby) covered it with drywall putty (I think) and he began to place his mosaic on the board. Ben shortly followed with his same request of Daddy and put his brain to work on a piece of his own. The pictures above are the results of their hard work that night. Ben's is the sword and Josh made a lizard surrounded by rocks. I however, did not have enough rocks left over to make my own though I certainly enjoyed watching their creative minds at work. Thank you God for this special time that I was able to have with my sons. We are so very blessed.


Nancy said...

Very cool... guess you're going to Michael's again, eh??

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

Ya think? lol (already done that!) hee-hee

Rodrigo said...

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