Monday, March 28, 2011

Sharing With You Again

Cheryl Bakke Martin #605 in the "All Kinds Of Artists" Artist Blog Hop inspired me today with her cute logo. I fell in love with it instantly. Check out her blog for more inspiration if you will.

Nikki Ella Whitlock #557 of the "All Kinds Of Artists" Blog hop has created this most amazing mosaic called Masquerade, a definitely must see. Just think of the time she is putting into this beautiful piece!!! Wow! Go check her blog out if you get a chance.

As I was once again Blog Hopping through the "All Kinds of Artists" Artist Blog Hop I realized something, there are many 'blog hops' out there but mine is a little different in the fact that it never ends. As far as I know most 'blog hops' are contests and at the end a winner is chosen among the entrants. I started the blog hop for one purpose... to gain inspiration and make a place where other like-minded artists gain inspiration as well.

One lady contacted me not certain as to what she was to do after entering her link to the blog hop, so I thought that I needed to explain it to everyone in case some of you do not know... once you have entered your link to the list you now have access to all the artists involved in the blog hop. This means that you need only click on the other links to be brought to the other artist's blogs and to be inspired!

So now everyone knows, go out and be inspired!



Donna said...

Kelly..what beautiful art! You've been on my mind you know. :o) I have some journals made with pine covers and just manilla paper inside. Not the best for painting..but useable. I've been thinking of doing altered art in it..now that I'm dabbling. I've never done journal pages artistically speaking..but you've inspired me to consider it. Almost don't know where to start though. Working on thank you cards this week, if I get the chance. Maybe tonight!

I love your idea of a blog hop!

Martha Lever said...

Hi Kelly! Yes, of course you can post my angel. You are so sweet. Hugs!

Nikki Ella whitlock said...

Thanks Kelly for the Add and the comments... yes, they take me hours but its a labour of love!!

I'm loving you blog :-)

Thanks again


ArtfulLee Designed said...

Gorgeous piece, I love all those colours and elements.
thanks for sharing

Cheryl said...

Hey, thanks for the mention, Kelly. So glad you found some inspiration at my wee blog. Blessings,