Thursday, March 3, 2011

Evangeline - Revisiting

Why have I not posted much in a week or so? Well, this is why... I am completely confused and am having such trouble with the wings for Evangeline. I thought that I had an answer and was getting the feel for feathers... Then someone sent me a link.

I was so thankful when one of my followers sent me a video tutorial that helped her http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daa2G-FkbGI (this was from Angel from Angel's Thrifty Haven. I thought for sure I had my answer... however...

My feathers don't flow well together and they look more like pine needles on this side. Oy Vay!

So this is where I am at with Evangeline! Half of her feathers look like pine needles and I'm not sure if the other feathers are right either. The poor paper has been erased more times than I care to think about and it is no longer taking the led as well, nor erasing as well.

So once again I am on a quest and seeking your help... Do you have any suggestions that could possibly help me????

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated my dear friends.

Hugs and many blessings to you.



Creative Mish said...

It looks great! I bet feathers would be very hard to draw. I'm sure one of your artist friends will be able to help you :)

Carol Pettiford-Jones said...

Just Google "how to draw feathers on agnel wings" and you'll have all the help you need.
Now have fun making your feathers.
Love, Carol

Carol Pettiford-Jones said...

Just Google " how to draw feathers on angels wings" and you'll have all the types of feathers you might want.
Love, Carol

Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

I truly wouldn't have thought pine needles until you pointed that out! I have to say, I've never sketched feathers, so not to sure how I'd approach them.

I think I'd try a reverse effect - like shading the feathers first and then adding just a hint of detail here and there.

Hmmm, you've challenged me now. Maybe I'll break out the sketch pad and give feathers a whirl!

Evangeline is gorgeous, though, no matter how you finish her wings. Her face is just so, well, angelic!

sjmcdowell said...

Well here is my opinion...The feathers I have seen have been drawn in segments. There are longer areas and shorter areas within the wings that overlap each other. When looking at them close up, inside these segments, the individual small feathers themselves have a more air brushed quality to them and so you don't see every line,just hints of lines. Some lines are lighter and some a bit darker. Shading is a very important part in drawing them.

Well I probably have you even more confused than before...lol, sorry!

I wish you a happy journey with your wings!

Love and Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly!
I love Evangeline.. you did a great job on the wings/feathers!
You ought to be extremely proud..
So glad to see you once again..
Blessing to you my friend,

peggy aplSEEDS said...

she looks great! pencil is a hard medium for me and i would also have the same problem with erasing.

Martha Lever said...

Evangeline is beautiful. I have never drawn feathers because I am fearful of the detail. I actually like the wings on the right because I am more of a simpleton but I also think you did a great job on the feathers on the left. It doesn't look like pine needles--it looks like feathers. If you can put her away for a day or two you will know what to do . Sometimes when I am frustrated it is helpful to back away.

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

BIG HUGS, Kelly :)))))

KAT ADL'S said...

Hi Kelly
here is a link to my friends blog.she draws birds and bird people.Direct observation of birds and how the light and shadow work is good.Try smudging lines and working with light and darks.Do you have a natural history museum near you where there are taxidermed birds to draw from?
Nothing like drawing the real thing.
Also just think shape and form and do little bit of detail to indicate feathers and the brain fills in the gap.
If you have feathers to draw from, squint at them and do rough shade drawings to get a feel for them.
Buy some feathers and make a wing and draw it.
Good luck.:-)

Mary Walker said...

Try looking at this picture of a white dove wing maybe it will help.


Martha Lever said...

Hi Kelly! I don't have the drawn letters in my online class but hmmmmm...wonder if that could be a class? You have given me an idea. You have have a free one if I do! But then, if I do, you will probably have to remind me of that!!

KAT ADL'S said...

whoops forgot the link

Terri Kahrs said...

It's a good thing that pencils come with erasers!!! LOL! Seriously, I think your attempt at wings is commendable. You drew them much better than I would have. Hugs, Terri

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

I think you can draw feathers any way you want actually! If I wasn't happy with how I drew wings, I would google angel images- there are 149,000,000 images on google and I'm sure they'll be able to help you come up with something you like! But the impt thing is to keep trying. I used to make such ugly hands but I've been practicing for 2 years and now I make passable hands. Maybe 2 more years? next is birds! Patsy from

Emakesart said...

ok, you might think I'm crazy (well...I am a little. hee hee) but I love how she looks with the 2 different types of feathered wings. It says something about being unique and proud of how God made you. Just a thought. : )