Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Pages for my Danger Danger Sketchbook Project Theme

I know there are a number of pages here... I have been busy. For some reason Blogger and Yahoo would not let me post the photos last week. So... you get them all in won bang!!! What can I tell you about these pages... First of all... the cover. The cover was completely out of my comfort zone as those who know me would agree... I am pretty much the last person to care for skulls! I think they represent death in such an ugly way in this world ~ but to me death isn't a skull, it is our soul being released to our Heavenly Father. It's not an ugly bone that encases our brains!
I chose the skull however after much pondering on my theme from the Sketchbook Project: Danger! Danger! because it seems to represent danger in this world. I think anyone who is an 'adrenaline junkie' more than likely owns some sort of clothing with a skull printed on it! Not that you have to be an adrenaline junkie to wear things like that! For the cover I found a skull rub-on though I did not like the way it looked, it wasn't representative of what Danger is enough... so I added glue to it, then added red glitter, then I added self-levelling gel, and on top of that I painted it with 'Poppy red' Twinkling H20's. The effect sort of looks like blood and blood is dangerous right??? (This theme is so not me... but in good sportism I continue on to finish).
The dark blue page I have used a number of techniques here... I painted it first with a matt watercolor, then over that with a twinkling H20 dark blue. For the border I painted a magazine page with a lot of text on it with twinkling H20 in blue and cut out the round shapes. Then adhered it to the edges of my page. For the envelope I used a 'coin' envelope and covered it also with a painted text page from a magazine, then added the skull stickers, beaded a rope to lift the lid of the envelope. Inside I am still working on... I am going to do a few "adrenaline junkie" paper charms. This page is on all the extreme sports people do for an adrenaline rush. In researching this idea I discovered that people do a lot of CRAZY and I mean CRAZY things for a rush! And I have to wonder... WHY???? What are they looking for??? And what will happen when they have done every adrenaline rush they could think of? Where will they be then?
The Twilight: New Moon page is pretty much self-explainatory. I went to see New Moon on the premiere night and was almost run down by a bunch of teenage girls getting to my seat! LOL.
The Red page with the woman walking down the street... I completed the page one way and then my son Ben said, "Mom, you wanna know what I would have done for that page?" and so he told me to make it darker so it shows that it is night and not put all the journaling down the middle of the page. He is one smart cookie with a great eye as his idea is much better than mine. The poem I wrote about four years back while reading the Bible. I remember reading on how much evil there is in the world and that we need to be wise in what we do to not be entrapped by it.
The Green page is from a writing technique I have learned called 'word-webbing'. It helps you to think through your ideas and possible connections to your ideas. The main idea on the page being Danger, it stems into all sorts of other ideas that I can use with this project. I thought it would be interesting to put my thought process down on paper for others to see.
Well, that's about it. I hope I haven't forgotten any pages.
Happy Creating Everyone!



Alex said...

Really cool pages! And nice song too ^^

fromthepines said...

These turned out great!


Cynthia said...

Your pages are amazing and what a great theme to explore. Even though skulls are not your thing, you have really jumped in. Thanks for sharing your process as well.

Ramona Davidson said...

An interesting, scary, and timely choice for your endeavors. Thoughtful and colorful presentations.

freebird said...

I'm not fond of the skull either. I think you are doing a great job with the danger idea. I can see it would be a hard one to do.

Maer aka Marilyn Harris-Mills said...

always amazing your pages Kelly!
please tell me what kind of white opaque pen you're using....I've bought sooo many and still not satisfied with they way they write.
Thanks Maer

Laura Kay said...

I like the green word webbing page. I am married to an adreniline(sp?) junkie! Is that an envelope on the blue page? Good work!