Monday, November 16, 2009

New Journal Series: Past/Present/Future - My Past

I am going to try and teach art journaling classes at some different Churches and so I am coming up with different prompts to try out. This first one is a prompt from a series I made up called: Past/Present/Future. This page is the first of the series from my past.
I divided the page in half from one corner to the other and drew an outline of my hand in each space. The top space I used for things that I liked in my past. The bottom was for things I disliked about my past. I used the hands to represent myself during that period. As I was doodling I asked myself questions about my past... what were my personality traits? What was most important to me? What did I think? How did I feel? What did I love about being young? What did I hate about being young? What were some things I conquered from my past? (eg. fears, personality traits I didn't like about myself)
I doodled things that I felt were pertinent to myself during my past such as a web because I felt stuck in the "role" I was playing. I didn't know myself back then. I drew a border that was like a movie clip because that is how I see my past ~ in pictures etc.
I think I am going to have to do a less detailed page to teach as I know that not everyone is as detailed as I am. I LOVE detail as I am sure you can tell from my previous works. I think I will do a simple one with suggestions of what to right about or doodle about for those learning for the first time.

Hope you like it!
Happy Creating!



Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

I accidentally rejected these comments so I had to put them back by copying and pasting them in...

i like the way you talk about your page, so much words for describe something strong. (lilasvb)

I came back to your page because your theme is talking to me, danger, yes I feel in danger and it is hard to find peace, inside, in the draw, in the brain thanks. (lilasvb)

Danger, danger I like your page (lilasvb)

I love all the details,… impressive creativity and great idea. Hugs. (Gypsy)

freebird said...

Great page. I can see using this in your class. Some will do detailed stuff and others won't want to do so much. Why don't you do a version showing just a few things on each side of the line and then share both in your class so people will have an idea of less or more?

Maer said...

I love this doodling Kelly!!! very creative.

Creative Mish said...

I love the look of the page and how you outlined your hand and put at opposite sides. beautiful!

Vickie A-Morgan said...

Great page, Kelly! I agree with Freebird, you should make another page almost the same with less detail and show both to your students.

teri said...

Wow this is pretty incredible kelly. Lovely work!

Eden said...

This is AMAZING!!! I love all that detail!! I love the writing/fonts you used and all those crazy doodles!!! Isn't it so nice to get that stuff down on paper!! What a beautiful piece!