Friday, July 24, 2009

Wish List For Fadwa

A lady from the group Blissfully Art Journaling I belong to had an idea to start an e-book recording wish lists from people all over the world... so... this is my small little wish list from one Canadian Girl to the world. I didn't know what kind of wishes I wanted to put on this wish list. I thought about what was in my heart and I came up with these items for my wish list.
From a "worldly" perspective of coarse I want "World Peace" (I sound like a contestant in a beauty pageant - Lol). I know that peace will come to this world in the end... it would certainly be nice to have it now.
From a "longing to travel" perspective I wish to travel to Italy, Greece and all those beautiful Mediterranean places. I long to see the cultures and the colors, the artwork and the paradise-like-qualities of the Mediterranean.
From a "life-changing" perspective I wish to live near a lake where I can sit out on my porch and let the peaceful calm water wash over me. Of coarse I wish to be healthy and fit... that is coming as I am going to see a natural path next week.
From a "family" perspective I wish for my family to be God-centered and filled with love, peace, joy, abundance, happiness, kindness, gentleness... just a few things.
I think I could go on and on but these are only a few of the ones I thought about for now.
Happy Creating everyone.


Creative Mish said...

Very nice! and you have such pretty handwriting!

freebird said...

I like your pages and your wishes. I couldn't read your actual page well since I couldn't turn it and it's too early in the morning to read it otherwise but what your post said is good. Most of us wish for peace. Isn't it funny that what most people want is so very hard to attain?