Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Favorite Reads

It is summer... aaahhhh... and with summer comes the best time of the year to read books! I adore reading and I have read many books! My hubby can testify to the amount of books piled high beside my bed! LOL!

In my sidebar I have posted a number of books I have read and all of them are books that I would definitely recommend. If you go to the list of books and see one that you might like feel free to contact me and I can send you my review of the book.

One of my pet peeves is getting sucked into a book from the contents of it's description on the back cover only to read it and discover it is a horrible read! I have learned that on most books (if not all) the descriptions are not even written by the author of the book, nor is the cover chosen by the author. For me, I am a visual reader, I picture the characters exactly as they read in the books. Many times I discover that the picture on the front cover doesn't even match the description! It's all a 'money game' for the publishers.

Well, I can tell you that the books that I have posted are all great reads, you will not be disappointed. If you have a list of books that you recommend please send it my way as I am always looking for new books to read ~ especially books that come highly recommended by normal people not (NEW YORK BEST SELLERS LIST). While I have nothing against those lists I find that people are more real and are apt to give more heartfelt reviews of the books.

Take a gander through my list and if you have any questions on the books please feel free to comment and I can answer them for you.


Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors for many reasons. Her heartfelt books deal with real emotions that we have all experienced and or are experiencing right now making it easy to relate to them. Her characters are so well developed that they draw you in and make you want to know all you can about them. You cheer them on throughout each series and long to know the futures of each character. Karen does not disappoint and leave you hanging as she continues to write about her favorite characters bringing them along with her as she begins a new series.

One example is The Baxter Family.
She has written about them in her REDEMPTION, FIRSTBORN and SUNRISE series and now she continues with a few characters bringing them to her ABOVE THE LINE series. Not all characters follow to the next series, only the ones that are not completely developed which is great because the reader is filled with the 'whole picture' at the end.

Her new series ABOVE THE LINE takes the reader on a behind the seen of making a Hollywood movie from a Christian perspective. The main characters, the directors, are taken on a journey of trying to make their way in a very 'worldly' market and still hold firmly to what they believe. The issues that arise range from temptation, to college, to trusting in God for the impossible. I highly recommend all the series that Karen Kingsbury has, so graciously and with a full heart for God, written.
Happy Reading, and send me a comment if you happen to read any of the books ~ I would love to hear from you~


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