Friday, July 10, 2009

The Beauty of Flowers

Aaaahhhh! I love spring and summer when all the flowers come out to play. Their beauty captures me, entrances me, makes me to dream of Heaven and what is to come. I picture myself being tiny as an ant and climbing to the outer edge of a pedal on a poppy and sliding down into its soft pillowy center, and like in the movie "Honey I shrunk the Kids" ~ I would not be allergic to its pollen as my nose would be too small! LOL! I wonder if architects and engineers have studied the shapes of flowers for their ideas for buildings and rides at amusement parks, it wouldn't surprise me. The colors of flowers alone must have inspired many an artist to create their masterpieces. My mouth begins to water as I picture all the colors coming alive before me when I walk around my neighborhood taking in all the sites, shapes, textures and most of all colors. I feel as though in a dream floating high above on a cloud as I view the treasures I have forever captured on my camera during one of my art walks. My camera has been through a lot with me! The poor little thing! Signs of wear and tear appear upon its body with cracks bursting out the edges! The zoom is not fully operational (I think anyway ~ of coarse my husband has fixed anything I have thought wrong with it!). As you can guess I am longing for a new camera! I went looking the other day and I have tempted myself almost beyond what I can take as I held its smooth body and looked through its sleek lense... sigh... but no... I do not need a new camera yet! (YET BEING THE OPERATIVE WORD! Wink wink!) I must keep telling myself and choose to close my eyes and ears as they call out to me in the stores. (LOL). I do not need it! I do not need it! (She gently whispers to herself...)

Happy Creating Everyone! May you be inspired by all the magnificant colors around you!



Creative Mish said...

I love all the flowers with the journaling around them. Very nice!!

Check out Www.jessicasprague.com.
She has all kinds of digital scrapbook, photography and editing classes. The class I'm taking is free. It started this week. If you sign up for her emails.. you'll be notified of upcoming classes and will have the opportunity to take some free ones. She also has alot of free tutuorials there.

Vickie A-Morgan said...

Kelly, these pages are so beautiful. I never thought of a seed/flower catalog. Guess I better get out there and get on a mailing list. :) And your writing is not only fun to read but so neatly done. How do you fill up the page so exactly without running out of room or coming up short???

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Vickie; Thanks for the comments. I fell in love with all these flowers. The writing just seems to work out and I don't plan it out. I'm not sure how I did it? LOL Which is the way it is for most things LOL. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks so much for that link. I am going to go there right now! I love what you have done.