Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Everybody Fooled

Journaling over the past couple of days... the theme; "Everybody Fooled"! Why would I come up with something like that? Well I was listening to Evanescence last week and there is a song with the words 'Everybody Fooled' in it and it got me thinking that I am too trusting of people. I have allowed some to come into my life who I thought needed me and I have tried really hard to help them with whatever they needed... however, my heart seems to almost always get hurt in the process. I like to believe in people, to believe the good ... the trusting nature of people in general. I would love it if everyone who came into my life was going to be completely open and honest and trustworthy... the facts though tend to not always point in that direction. People are human, with human emotions, thoughts, hearts! We will never know another person's heart completely, only God know's the full content of our hearts. I guess it is another learning experience for me about how much I open up my heart. to people or not.
I guess I have questions... how do you know who to trust and who not to trust in this life? I know I need to definitely pray and allow God's healing to flow through me. I will also pray that God reveals to me who I can open my heart to or not.
I pray you have better luck with this than me.


Creative Mish said...

I am the same way Kelly. I trust and believe in pretty much everyone. I've been hurt many times in the process, also. A Paster told me once that for some reason God needed either me in their lives or them in mine and it was time to move on... Even though it hurts I guess its some kind of growth..

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Wow! Those patterns are doodles?!