Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Being Thankful For 2008

It all started on New Years Eve... we went to our Church at 7:00pm and for the first hour just us and our good friends were there. We thought oh well it is going to be a nice quiet New Years Eve. After 8:00 people started arriving and by 10:00pm the downstairs was full of people. I was so happy that Randy and I had decided to open the Church for anyone who wanted to fellowship and play games on New Years Eve. At 11:00 all who wanted to gathered into a smaller room (it was full) and we began saying things that we were thankful for, things that God had done for us this past year. I was so proud as my eleven year old son spoke up right away and said that he was thankful that God helped him to do well at school... then he said he was thankful that he discovered Genesis and Exodus and was reading through them. Then there were some members from Africa that began and their words played out like miraculous stories of thanksgiving, inspiring us all to be thankful in ways we never thought about. We prayed in the New Year and it was such a wonderful blessing, I can't wait to do it next year.
On New Years Day I sat down with pen in hand and began to write out my blessings for the year. I could have written for a long time as God is truly a great and wonderful God and blesses me in many ways. Instead I decided to journal my thankgsiving into a journal page that expressed my many blessings.
Well, goodbye 2008 and hello to our brand new year 2009.
Happy 2009 everyone. I pray that your year is overflowing with blessings of peace, joy, goodness, kindness, grace, hope and love.


Creative Mish said...

What a nice post! And such a fabulous way to end 2008! I wish you the same for 2009!

Angel said...

Once again a BEAUTIFUL journaling artpiece! You've been so blessed and thank you for sharing with us! I am thankful for the new friendships God has blessed me with...including yours!