Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Art Journal Time: God's Eternal Love

I wasn't going to do it! I kept telling myself this page would be different ~ it was not going to have a tree on it! LOL I can't help it! I love tree's. They are a constant reminder to me of how God's love is eternal, How He takes care of His creation's and protects them, nourishes them and if you allow Him, becomes apart of our very being filling us with His eternal love. I love the verses that describe God and Jesus as being the "Vinedresser" and "True Vine" and we are the branches. He wants His branches to be full of life, joy, peace, love, prosperity, abundance though we have to allow Him to work in us to achieve these things.
As I journal on verses from the Word I meditate upon them and draw images that come to my head through them. How could I help but to draw a tree as the verses described "Vinedresser" "True Vine" and "Branches"? That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
Hope you enjoy it.
Hugs to everyone.
God bless

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Angel said...

I love it. I love trees too! And great words of wisdom!