Sunday, August 10, 2008

Loving The New Challenge of "Tangles"

I love a new challenge in my art work... I guess that is why I am always researching new techniques, different mediums etc. I think I strive when I am challenged by something new... and believe me ~ this is all new to me. I used to hate trying new things, anything that I thought I wouldn't be able to perfect to my own standards. it took me years to try 'oil painting' because I knew that my Mom had already conquered that one so why even bother trying. I don't know why I thought that! Then I gave it a try and finished my first oil painting and guess what???? I love it! Now I have stumbled onto this new technique called "zentangles" but I don't really like using the "zen" part of the word. I find that is a very 'new age' word and I am plain and simple a Christian woman. So... I call this one my 'Doodle Woman'. As I was researching this whole 'tangle doodle' business I came across a few doodles with eyes and faces... that got me thinking. "I can do that!" I said to myself. So here it is... my first doodle woman. Let me know what you think.
Happy Creating.


Angel W said...

WOW! VERY impressive, girl! Love it!

Anonymous said...

This is really very cool. I love doodling and would love to learn more about this method. Thanks

Michelle said...

wow! I especially like this one!

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Grace; If you want to know more about how to do this you can find so much inspiration by just googling 'zentangles' on your browser. There is so much information on the web. I just drew the ladies face and then doodled her hair - which is just different patterns etc, arranged around her head. If you love to doodle you will have no problem with this at all.