Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wineglass Centerpieces

I saw these on a website while looking for napkin folds and later I lost the web address for them (sorry). These simple centerpieces were made with wine glasses, tealights, beading wire, glass beads rocks, and ribbon.
To make them I cut 2 pieces beading wire approx. 28cm in length. Then I used a glass bead and beaded it onto one of the wires. Placing the wires side by side and finding the middle, I twisted the two pieces together to make four sides of wire. At each end I used my wire pliers to curve them into circles which will hold the tealight, then I did this to all four sides. I threw some glass bead rocks into the bottom of the wine glasses. Then placed the wire into the glass using my fingers to flatten out the middle where the tealight will go. Then I placed the tealight in. I also tied ribbon around the base of each glass, but I am thinking I want to change the ribbon to a thicker size and more vibrant red as I think they will look much richer in design. These were unique and fun to make. Let me know if you give them a try.
Happy creating everyone.

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Nancy said...

Those are really gorgeous Kell!