Sunday, December 9, 2007

Interesting Tree Card With Cuddlebug

I purchased an alphabet for my Cuddlebug months ago and with each alphabet there are usually some extra die cuts after the numbers... on this particular alphabet there is a half view of a flower, kind of like a daisy. I haven't used it until this card. As I was looking at the picture on the die cut I realized that the pedals looked a little bit like pine needles so I put it through the cuddlebug and then turned the image upside down... then put it through the cuddlebug about 20 more times and continued layering this upside down flower. I used approximately 18 flowers for each card (which is alot of rolling through the cuddlebug) as I wanted to make it really full. I think it turned out pretty cute though my wrists are somewhat sore - LOL. Was it worth it? Definitely!
Happy Creating Everyone!


Anonymous said...

How genius of you, these are wonderful! Jan

Lauren said...

Very cool idea Kelly!