Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lotus Flower Napkins For Christmas

As promised yesterday, here are the beautiful Lotus Flower Origami Folded Napkins. I am hosting a Mens Ministry Christmas Get Together at our Church and I was looking online for some decorating ideas and I came across different ways to fold the napkins for the tables. Of course you can't really use these as a napkin, but them make beautiful additions to the plates on the table. I put a Lindt Chocolate in the center of each one. The wine glass filled with little glass pieces is another project I am working on... which I will post at a later date (once finished)
They were really easy to learn and easy to fold, although they look difficult. I found a video tutorial at the following link. You will have to copy and past the link into your browser.
Look at the Lotus Flower.
I tried to add it as a video and unfortunately I am technologically challenged obviously because I could not get it to work!
I hope you enjoy them.
Happy creating everyone!

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Kathy W said...

Kelly, these are very pretty and could be used as a centerpiece or at place settings for all kinds of occasions. Thanks for the link to see how to do this and sharing your creations.