Monday, July 2, 2007

It's Wedding Season

Using my Adobe Photoshop I created this bride as I was watching my 'Chick Flicks'. This weekend my youngest son and I flew out to Saskatoon to go to a wedding of a young couple in our Church. It was a beautiful wedding, they all are aren't they? The couple wrote their own vows and this is when their true personalities shone through. Jason, the first to say his vows, on cue put his hand behind his back and snapped his fingers and one of his groomsmen quickly put his sheet of vows in his hand (everyone laughed - this was soooooooo Jason). When it came time for Amber's vows she grabbed her sheet of vows from her bra (really classy - but soooo Amber) Again everyone laughed. It was so nice to see a wedding that wasn't so nerve racking and perfect, this was full of love and laughter; clearly what weddings should be. The little flower girl (Amber's little two year old sister)ran down the aisle straight for her Mommy at the front of the Church, her Dad scooped her up and tried to take her back to the doors to do it again, she did the same thing and ran down the aisle... her father then (who was holding her basket for her with flowers) proceeded to daintily throw out the flowers down the aisle. It was so funny and cute and wonderful. Both families welcomed one another like it should be, like it has never been any different. We had a wonderful time as God joined this young couple together in 'holy' matrimony.

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Nancy said...

Sounds like a perfect wedding to me!!! Glad you enjoyed yourself!