Friday, July 6, 2007

Pretty Flower Lady

I did it again... another strange drawing for the journal. I was just doodling while I was relaxin a bit. I had these flowers that I had bought (with my girlfriend Nancy) and I they have just been sitting ther for months not being used. I tried to think of something creative I could do with them and this is what came out of it! I also used Making Memories Scrapbook Shimmer Glitter ut you can't really see it. I used it to look like there is wind around her hand with the flower. I really like the glitter and if you get a chance to pick some up it is a very fine glitter that is easy to use. The flowers were 'Prima' Flowers. I colored them all red to go with the picture but they came in a variety of shades and colors. I think if I had girls I would have been able to use them for scrapbooking... but I don't so I use them to be creative in my journaling. That works too! As always... Happy Creating!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

It's about time you used some of the Prima's girl!!!! tee hee