Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Handsome Son and Me

This lovely little picture was taken at the wedding Ben and I went to this past weekend. We were able to get away on our own little holiday and Josh and Daddy stayed home and did their own thing. It was so nice to have the one on one time with Ben. We explored the beautiful hotel we stayed in. We rented a car and discovered the town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We had to take a small plane to get there (only 12 rows of seats in total - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!) I had to put on my brave face for my son's sake but I really do not like flying in such small aircrafts. I was 'airsick' because of the turbulance - yuck! However the rest of the trip was wonderful. It went by rather fast because we flew in Friday night and went home Sunday at 6:30am. That is early in my world. I was barely able to keep one eye open. Ben made the trip for me, he has such a great personality and made me laugh a lot. We watched the movie "The Last Mimzy" which was a rather strange movie, it was good still though. Ben was excited to see that he had some friends from our church at the wedding and he barely knew I was there (meaning he was pre-occupied the entire evening). I was able to sit with two close friends from Church as well so that made it even more lovely. A very successful trip indeed. I was unsure about how to do everything such as check in at the airport and rent a car and then check in at the hotel (as my hubby usually does these for me), but everything went smoothly. I need to do more things that are independent of him because I know that I should know how to do many more things than I actually do know how to do. I am usually off in my own little 'artbrain' world and he fixes everything around me! Bad Kelly! I know! I will now go about doing more independent things! I hope! We get so comfortable don't we? I will try, how's that? Well, happy creating.


Nancy said...

I'm so glad that the trip was so wonderful!

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

Thanks Nancy. I hope your trip is just as wonderful if not more girl!
Chat with you real soon!