Sunday, July 31, 2011

Take Captive My Thoughts Lord

I hate it when my thoughts go all over the place and I can't seem to focus. This is when I start doing too many things at once and then I get all flustered because I can't remember all the things I have going.

This is also when doubts creep to the surface and I begin to question my abilities to accomplish anything at all ~ I hate it I tell ya!

One thing my hubbub tells me is that I think too much! Do you have that problem? Last night he asked me if I am even capable of holding only one thought in my head at a time... I thought about that and realized that I CAN do this, but only when I am Art Journaling. When I am focused on a page I can actually manage to think about only the topic of the page. I realize that this process is a meditative healing balm to me as I think about how God has and is working in my life.

I pray that He holds captive my thoughts and so that they do not go off in all directions. I pray that I stay focused on Jesus so at the end of this race we call life I will receive my crown.

I hope and pray you are all having a very blessed long weekend. Hugs and many blessings to all of you.



Janet said...

It's a beautiful drawing. I usually have about a zillion things rolling around in my head at any given moment! I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't.

Bolete's Blog said...

My mind has been so full lately also. Thank you for posting this. You are a blessing.

Healing Woman said...

This one is really, really good and filled with such emotion!

ArtfulLee Designed said...

This so describes me at the moment Kelly, actually way to closely describes me :) I heard a funny description the other day of thinking too much, it was said by Iyanla Vanzant, "You are alone in your head without adult supervision" I really dislike the feeling of being ungrounded and unfocused and it does generate self doubt in me as well. That's when I go and do some art or meditate.

Whimsical Folk Art Blog said...

I think over thinking is a common female problem...I love the nighttime, but it can also bring too much into my mind at once...it is the one time I am totally in silence and sometimes that is great and sometimes not so much...love your journal!

Carol said...

I too am scatter brained a lot of the time. There are lots of things to do and I think in your minds eye you are thinking about getting them all done in your mind. I also read that creative and artistic people have this problem a lot. You are not alone by a long shot. I pray to God each day for wisdom as to what to do and how to do the things I have to do and He does just that. Hallelujah!!!

Creative Mish said...

Very nice! There are a lot of days that I think too much, too.... I turn to scripture study to clear my mind and head down the right path

Debbie said...

I empathize with this post. I have a hard time focusing because of ADHD and have to work very hard at it and drawing helps. Your commitment to your work is apparent, strong drawings.

Just joined the artist blog hop. I will try to keep up. I want to read and view the images on the blog hop but tend to have difficulty doing so if there are too many visual elements for me to absorb, but I'll try.

Thanks for visiting my site.

Jennibellie said...

Great journal page. I know exactly what you mean, I become flustered also and begin to think that it means failure - but perhaps we need to step back and realise that it simply means not everything we wish to immediately accomplish for ourselves is finished, just in progress and may be that's not such a bad thing :)