Thursday, July 24, 2008

Experimenting Through The Transition

Giving up my 'crafting' side and turning towards my 'art' has been a tremendously freeing experience for me. I had used card making/stamping/beading/and other miscellaneous crafts to get me through some pretty rough times of anxiety and depression. It was like God spoke to me one day and said "let it go". From that moment on I have not touched my cardmaking/stamping etc. supplies other than to sort them from my art supplies. I realized that I no longer needed to use it as an outlet to get through ~ I was finally free to be creative on my own and transition into my trup passion which is my art. I have been experimenting with different mediums ~ pencils, pencil crayons, watercolor, felt pens (Copic Markers/Prisma Color markers/and others) I have been learning how to use different inks, colors, blending pens etc. Above are just a few examples and projects I have been working on. I did start to paint one painting but kind of have 'artist block' with the sky. It will come. I am enjoying this transition immensely ~ Thank you Lord for working in me in this way. Amen.
God bless you with many blessings.


Michelle said...

your pages are awesome! Its fun creating with new mediums!

Angel W said...

WoW~ You have more talent in your pinky than I do in my whole body! this is great stuff. I like all 3. they must take forever though! How long did it take you to draw the hands???

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Thanks for your sweet comments Angel and Michelle ~ I always love hearing from you! You are both awesome!

Nicolette Anderson said...

These are absolutely amazing pages! They are very inspiring....I love the colours that you used on the last one....keep up the great work - fabulous!