Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blessings Pouring Out Among Us

I love this picture and the saying that goes with it... "Don't forget to Fly?" Isn't that beautiful? It reminded me that we have so much potential, God gives us wings to fly in this life but we often forget we have them... we forget to fly. There is so much we can accomplish in this life as we rely on God to guide us, feed us, nourish us, and give us His wisdom to do the things we need to do. I have been on again off again sick for many months now, I am thinking almost a year. It has been really hard for me to get to the gym and work out so that my body can get healthy. I have wanted a treadmill for so long but we have always been unable to afford it - other things have taken priority, other needs. Then on Thursday my husband called me at work and told me he just found a treadmill for a hundred dollars. My first thought was "Oh great! What kind of treadmill could he have possibly found for $100.00?" I laughed at the thought. Then after work we went to see these people and discovered it was actually a pretty good treadmill - one that absorbs shock so it is easier on your knees (which I need). They had company coming to stay and they really needed the space. What a blessing! What an amazing blessing! We of coarse bought it and I have used it and it works awesome! Even my son Ben had a great work out on it yesterday! I am certain that it will work out perfect for our family.
Next huge blessing... I was at work yesterday just casually asking my boss what I would look for in a video camera should I want to buy one. He asked me what I was going to use it for and then said "Well, you could buy our old one as we are never going to use it again." I said, "Really? How much would you want for it?" and then he said "$150.00. I immediately said "Okay, sold". It is a really nice video camera with a touch screen/charger and extra batteries, he even through in a package of disks that we would need to record on. Thank you Lord... again. He is looking out for us in so many ways. God is so good!
Enjoy God's blessings everyone ~ they are all around us!


Michelle said...

I love that picture. You are blessed to happen upon so many thing that you're in need of.

Angel W said...

God is good! He even gives us our wants. I know He is going to sell our house. I hope it's SOON. Hugs to you!