Sunday, April 28, 2013

Understanding Compassion

(Artwork By Kelly Watts 2013)
This piece was created on an old book page using Copic Markers, a black sharpee, Washi tape and adhesive lace.
This morning my mind was very heavy burdened.  I was thinking about all the people I am currently praying for and trying to understand this compassion inside of me.  I wrote down the following that was upon my heart;
A Letter To God
Dear Lord; My Most Holy Almighty God; El Sheddai; Abba;
My heart is so full of compassion... it seems that no matter at what stage of life I am in, You reveal a new and different path to show me more ways to use this compassion inside of me.
When I was young my heart hurt for things I did not even know what or why, but the pain was very real.
I hurt for people I did not know.
The World Vision commercials were a killer on my heart,
my first real experience in seeing starving children.
My heart cried out, 'Lord! Lord!' before I knew how to pray.
The next stages of my life were stepping stones to learning the plan You had for me.  I see now that I had to fall and I had to fall hard and receive many scars that buried deep.  I had to start at the bottom and crawl out of the pit I had fallen into; every handful of dirt another lesson... another drop of water into the sprout that was forming in me.
At times I would get close to the top only to battle the grounds of fear, anxiety, depression, grief, loneliness and trauma.  I was lost in the darkness, I could not see; I could not breathe.
Then You pulled me up out of the dirt and breathed in me a new breath of life while shaking the dirt and grime away.
You helped me to stand up again on new ground.
You placed me on a new path allowing me to use the lessons taught and to share the comfort You had given me.  You brought me to others who had fallen, who were broken hearted and You said, 'Comfort them'.
You gave me knowledge, understanding and wisdom to reach out to the hurting.  You taught me and I listened; You led me and I followed.
Though... You still had more to teach me and so You sent me on another mission; one that would take me to the battlefield of my own body, limiting where I could go and what I could do.
Again You said, 'Come' and I went.
Again You brought me those physically hurt and broken hearted and
You said, 'Comfort them' and I do.
You taught me to use the compassion inside even through the physical ailments, through the broken heartedness and You said, 'Go'.
Now that compassion has sprouted and flourished into a magnificent tree of love and blessings, comfort and healing.
I see Your hand of teaching and love over me.
I see the compassion You have given me as a precious treasure.
Thank You Lord, My Abba Father for my gift...
Your compassion growing in me.
I pray you feel God's love for you today.
Have a very blessed week.

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