Sunday, January 6, 2013

Word(s) Of the Year for 2013

There are so many things that I want to give to God,
Often however, I tend to take them on myself and try
to deal with them on my own.
This never works... I should know this by now.
But honestly, I do not seem to get it!
It's so simple really.... just breathe... just pray...
and give it all to HIM.
This year (2013) I am going to focus on doing this.
I have this drawing up in my art room, which is now also my office as I am beginning to work from home.
My first time back to work since March of 2012 when my sister got into that horrible car accident.
I pray that all of you will be able to LET GO AND LET GOD this new year.
Happy Happy New Year
Hugs and many blessings to you.



Lauren Davenport said...

I love it! Great words for everyday of the year.

Carolyn Phillips said...

Oh the times I have said that. It is not the letting go I struggle with, it is with the leaving it let go! :D Wishing you every blessing as you walk through this year.

Jenny said...

Beautiful post Kelly... Love your gorgeous art journal page and your words for 2013...

Wishing you a happy week...
Jenny ♥

Sithup Karsel Dawa said...

i wish 2013 will be most beautiful year ..

Monique said...

sometimes i get stuck in the letting go part, trying to let go means i am holding on to it. you are right, just breathe..... what helps for me is to stop letting go and focus on something else. hope that makes sence? :-)
thanks for stopping by on my blog b.t.w! (there was no sound, hihi, still working on that one)
love your work!

sue morris said...

This is absolutely beautiful! It looks like a portrait! Your talents are amazing. I love this phrase too of giving it all to God. That's one of my goals that I've been working on and one that I've also set for the new year. I am so thankful that every day we get a chance to make another go at it. :) God Bless you!

Jackie said...

Wonderful words for everyday. Thanks for the reminder....it's in his hands ;)

Phoenix Peacock said...

Happy new year!

Janet said...

Beautiful art piece! Happy New Year to you, too even though I'm really late!