Monday, January 14, 2013


Photo: A Little Art Journal love.  It's so nice to get back to the art Journaling.  #art #artjournal #artjournaling #doodle #lettering #color #vibrant
This was such a cool little experiment!!!  I have no idea what I am doing but boy was this fun!
Of coarse I began this piece with reds and using my brayer began spreading the acrylic paint over the page.
I bought some (Cheap) inexpensive acrylic paint at Michaels to play around with.  It just so happened that the white was really runny so... I played and played with it some more.  I poured out the word "LOVE" on the page, then took my brayer and gently pushed it up the page!  That's all I did!
Isn't this a neat, awesome effect!  I love that my cheap acrylic paint was runny! (imagine my enthusiasm and insert it here:)
But did I leave things this way... NO!  Darn it anyway!  I had to go and mess it up and no longer have the original piece that was so cool!!!!
I whited it all out with gesso and ended up throwing it out!!!! Don't you just hate it when that happens??? 
I might try this effect again when I get brave enough and am not so mad at myself for messing with a good thing!  (Thank goodness I took a picture:)
Well, live and learn right?
We have to learn from our mistakes or we will be stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere!
I pray you are having a fabulous beginning to your week.  As for me, well I am up to my neck in training for my new job!  (Pray for me:) 
Big ol' hugs and blessings to you