Friday, October 19, 2012

Paper Doll Time!

It's that time of year again, craft/art fair preparation!  This year I have drawn and made this paper doll.  It comes with one paper doll, 6 Costumes, 3 brads.

This is the "Angel" Costume

This is the paper doll.

This is "The princess ballerina" costume.

This is the "Mermaid" costume.
The three other costumes are "Snow White", "Cinderella" and "Belle", I didn't have a picture of them at time of posting.
I hope you enjoy.
Praying you all have an awesome weekend
Hugs and many blessings


laurie said...

oh, how fun and so many possibilities. i'm sure this will be a hit. i especially love the mermaid costume.

Lauren Davenport said...

So cute! Your designs are just lovely.

Creative Mish said...

What a fund idea! I loved paper dolls when I was a kid :)