Monday, November 21, 2011

No one Can Make You Feel Inferior

Hello everyone! Back from another busy, busy weekend. Phew! I'm glad this one is over! The fair that I was in on Saturday was one of the worst I've been to (not complaining ~ it just had a horrible vibe written all over it from beginning to end). It is the first one that I have been to where I found the people coming to the fair weren't friendly. It was very bizarre. Oh well, onto bigger and better things right?

I thought I would steer away from the charts for a day and show you the drawing I did on Saturday during the fair.

I really love the above saying... It is so true and many times we do not realize it, it is in our hands how 'inferior' we feel because of other people in our lives! So many times I have been at the mercy of this feeling... thank God that I have grown up, matured and learned from my life, from the lessons God has taught me, brought me through. I pray you all have been through this so that you no longer feel inferior to other people.

And here is the full drawing! Do you love the purple hair and matching purple eyes?

I have NEVER attempted to draw purple hair or purple eyes but I have to tell ya, I kind a like it!!! It was so fun to draw and... the best part was the hair was a tool to get out my frustration from the yucky fair:) Venting in color!!! LOVE IT!

Well raise your glass and make a toast to no longer feeling inferior in this world!!!! Hugs and many blessings to all you lovelies out there! Have a wonderful week!



Joanna said...

Ugh, the fair sounds grim. What a shame. Still, your gorgeous purple haired/eyed girl came out of it, so all is not lost! You are so right about others not being able to make us feel inferior, it's in our own hands. Something I have to constantly remind myself.

Have a great day,


laurie said...

yes, a very powerful statement and beautiful display. when you are open and accepting of others, you are in a vulnerable state and, unfortunately, there are people out there who take advantage of that. i'm glad you were able to express yourself through design and color. :-)

lilasvb said...

yes i like purple

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Ah...one of my favorite quotes! Eleanor Roosevelt? I want to thank you for your continued support and for participating in my Birthday Giveway! Yes - I have a wonderful hubby, and I do so love that photo he took of me. (You know how picky we princesses are!) Thank you also for the birthday wishes, and for just being "Kelly"! xoxoxo

Creative Mish said...

Sorry you had to participate in the yucky fair! At least something good came of it... You're drawing is fabulous! I love the purple hair :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

I absolutely love love this image! And how powerful to realize you are the one in control of your own thoughts, feelings, and reactions!

When I was in highschool I really wanted purple hair with purple contacts. One of my sisters was born with purple eyes before they eventually became brown... I think that triggered I lifelong envy. ha!