Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Art Fair Done!

Well... yesterday was the first Art/Craft Fair of the season and it went off splendidly. My wonderful Hubby made me two stands to showcase my art prints and they worked fantastic (except whenever the table got bumped:) He tied the stands to the table and ya... oh well, we know for next time right? I still think my Hubby is pretty amazing for making these for me:)))

I sold 4 of my "The Art Of Zen Doodling" 'how-to' booklets. This is where I had a great time discussing my process with the ladies who came by and I met so many wonderful gals. I LOVE meeting new people and this was a great day for it!

The fair got me into the Christmas mood early and I felt like putting up my Christmas tree and getting all snuggled in with a blanket, a mandarin orange, a hot eggnog steamer and a Chrismas movie... but I resisted. Not until December! I have to keep reminding myself this as I have two more Christmas Sales to attend in Novemeber.

Across from my table a wonderful lady filled her table with all of her beautiful crochet and knitting work. I can appreciate how much work goes into all the work she does as I have tried both and know it is a lot of work. This lady does all the intricate work and I was amazed at some of her Barbie Dresses that she made. I purchased two of them for my nieces for Christmas (SSSHHHHHH - don't tell!) I told said lady that she was selling them for two little as she only charged $6.00 per dress! She explained that people will not pay more for them ~ this made me sad. I hope she does well at the next Christmas Fairs she is in this year.

Right beside me was a young man who was mentally/physically handicapped who made beaded ornaments and jewellery for Christmas. His Mother told me that he has a group he goes to everyday where they show them how to make beaded crafts. He fell in love with the process and makes them all year long just for the one craft sale in Novemeber. I purchased a beautiful silver necklace from him.

This next picture is one of my favorite purchases this year. It is a Photograph of a retired Hollywood bear who now lives at an animal preserve in Oregon. Every now and then if you go to the preserve he will be sitting on the side of the road, if you wave to him he will wave back to you. I have had a fear of bears since I was a young girl when my Dad thought it would be really funny to get me to walk into this room at their friends house where a huge Grizzly Bear rug with Big head and Sharp teeth and all lay on a bed. Ya... my Dad loved to scare us girls!

Now however, I am drawn to bears in art work, photography or on different items like pajamas (I can't explain it ~ maybe it is my way of overcoming my fear by allowing myself to think of them as cute and cuddly animals!)

I also purchased two magic bags from a lady who was selling them. She had made hundreds of different covers for them in all different shapes and sizes. She made teddy bears for the little guys and then long, short, wide, thin... and even tiny little magic bags to heat up for over top of your eyes! How genius is this? I purchased two of them! She even brought her microwave oven to heat them up for her customers!!! Now that's extremely good salesmanship! :) Her magic bag got me through a very long day!

Anyway, overall the day was fabulous. I exchanged numbers with a few ladies and we are going to get together for art dates every now and then. How fun!!!

Hope your weekend was a very blessed one. Now, to get ready for next weekends Fair! OY VAY! (Remind me again why I signed up for three Fairs in a row???) It's all good!

Hugs and blessings everyone.



Jennibellie said...

The stand looks great, points to hubby. Sounds like a great day, congrats on the sales :) x

Anonymous said...

wow, such beautiful work, your husband is very crafty as well, what would we do without them.The barbie dresses are so cute and I agree, its so much work for so little a price,

Janet said...

You seem to have had a fun time and met some interesting people. Can't ask for more than that!

The necklace is beautiful and I love the story behind it.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

The market sounds great Kelly. I'm so glad you sold your books, well done.I went to a local craft market yesterday too and loved it. It is such a great atmosphere and i love the unique handmade gifts I can find there

Sandra Kaye said...

Sounds like you had a super time. Congrats!! Hugs

rachel awes said...

congratulations & how much fun!! that stand IS amazing!!! (i'll be part of a little sale this sat. and am totally dazed and confused about how to set up my stuff...even that is an art!!). LOVE. xox

Anita Van Hal said...

Hey Kelly! It sounds like you had a great time! Thank you for including the "back stories" of your artsy neighbors! Years ago my husband and I did a lot of arts and crafts fairs together...oh how I remember some of the little lessons we had to learn as well! LOL! Best wishes with any future shows!

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Hey, Kelly! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting on my mandala (and the birthday wishes, too!) Your display looks marvelous, and I LOVE that bear photo. Pretty much how I'm feeling - all worn out and ready to nap! LOL Hugs!

Julie said...

How great that you gave support to all these artists! Love those Barbie dresses!

Phoenix Peacock said...

so proud of you!!!