Thursday, April 10, 2008

What Has Lil' Ol Me Been Up To???

Well, let me see. We went away for springbreak which was basically the last week of March. We drove out to Kelowna, British Columbia. I always bring my journal when I travel because I like to record different aspects of our travels in my journaling. This trip I had to draw all the funky things in the apartment - the home decor items. I loved this apartment and the way it was furnished! The decorator knew exactly what and where to place little items throughout the apartment that added just the right touch. I personally do not have this talent ~ however that may be due to the fact that my hubby doesn't like nick-nacks. I have my nick-nacks though - I collect willow tree angels and family. They are so peaceful and my youngest son loves buying them for me.
On our trip I went to the dollar store and found these funky templates that are usually used in drafting for $1.50. They came in a small and large set. So I had fun with them and was able to create a page in my journal that was really cute and funny. I added little monsters from "CHF" that I had purchased for scrapbooking and my son Ben loved these little guys. I will add more of them to this page.
So... I can't remember the last time I made a card... I think they were for Easter - but I never got around to sending or selling them because Easter came to quickly this year. God is really changing my focus and I am growing more as an artist. I used cardmaking as an outlet for 6 years during the times that were hard ~ now I want to accomplish something with my art work ~ I want to touch people's lives through what God is doing in me now. So my focus on my blog is going to be more art and art journaling from now on. I hope this won't deter too many of you crafters out there as I still love hearing from all of you.
So that's the deet's on me. With working 4 hours per day I haven't had a lot of time for my blog ~ but I am focused today.
Happy Creating Everyone!


Michelle said...

Nice to see that you're back :)

Nancy said...

Sniff sniff... you're leaving me behind in the dust.... if only I had an artistic bone in my bod!